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APPOINTMENT SETTINGIn the highly competitive world of sales and telemarketing services, you must be well above the competition to stay afloat.  Airband Communications actually started appointment setting campaigns, and we have developed into providing some of the most cost-effective appointment setting platforms on the outsourcing market.  Our solutions not only offer the lowest advertised rate on the market, but Appointment setting is a proven productive and efficient marketing method, and many companies are moving towards this system as it provides an increased ROI.  Many companies simply have remote agents call their recycled leads, where they see respondents become interested again in their services. By having remote schedule appointments for your business, it will allow you to create more face-to-face interactions with the people in charge.

We provide an excellent alternative to our competitors based on:

Implementing weekly training and seminars for our agents to become more skilled at what they do

Integrating inbound marketing campaigns

Targeted prospecting that maximizes your sales strategy

Augmenting outbound marketing with social media research

Engage the experienced sales agents to their full potential

By implementing out appointment setting platform, business owners can see dramatic increases in productivity and revenue streams.


With today's developed telemarketing software it becomes much more cost effective to outsource your lead generation program.  With out advanced dialing systems we can increase productivity and call volume by up to 1500%.  You can turn the lead generation campaign on and off as needed.